At Metrolina Nephrology Associates, executive director Jennifer Huneycutt leads 80+ nephrology providers in aligning patients to programs - and the way she thinks about segmenting her population might change the way you approach nephrology practice management.

How can nephrology practices deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time - with the right funding? In this Q&A webinar, Jennifer took questions on:

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An OnDemand Q&A Webinar


  • The financial pressures facing nephrology practices - and why creating additional revenue-generating service lines is essential to support the move to value-based care

Jennifer Huneycutt CPA CMPE

Executive Director,
Metrolina Nephrology Associates


  • The complex landscape of kidney care payment models for nephrologists - and how that translates into a holistic portfolio of programs from Care Management (CCM) to Kidney Care Choices (KCC)
  • How to segment a nephrology patient population to map the right programs to the right patients

Matching Patients to Programs for Success in FFS and VBC

We share a customizable model mapping nephrology patient segments to programs that you can adapt as you create a plan for your own practice.

Jennifer Huneycutt CPA CMPE

Jennifer Huneycutt CPA CMPE is the Executive Director of Metrolina Nephrology Associates, where she leads 80+ providers making the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care while delivering personal, patient-centered, and compassionate care. 


Executive Director, Metrolina Nephrology Associates





Darshan Bacchawat

Chief Revenue Officer, Phamily

Darshan wants to improve the quality of care and reduce the total cost of healthcare in the United States. His 20+ year career includes extensive work with healthcare providers and 15 years of experience co-founding and building high growth healthcare technology businesses committed to improving access to care and quality of care. At Jaan Health, he leads cross-functional teams that help provider groups flourish financially and get fairly compensated for the high-quality care they provide to their patients.